Healthy Eating

Feedback from our workshops comment how successful our sessions have brought people together and build stronger relationships in and across communities. We have strengthened relationships while teaching how to make positive changes.

1. for families and children

We explain how we can read labels on food. We teach how new technology help us to find out how much sugar is hidden in our food. We invite families to order food from healthiest to unhealthy and teach how to use apps to see if the way they view healthy and unhealthy food is correct.

We teach about how much sugar is safe and recommended in our diet.

We provide healthy snacks at our sessions and give top tips on how to make healthy food at home.

We look at how advertisers use tricks such as colour, mascots and logos. We create our own branding using the same techniques to encourage children to choose healthy food. We looked at examples of subliminal advertising at sporting events and discuss how advertising makes us want their food.

We design and make our own badges using the same tricks and methods to advertise healthy food.

We create our own posters and mascots and invite young people to create their own characters and try and use these methods to advertise healthy food. We gather comments from both children and families who are learning how much sugar is hidden in their food and capture their anger and shock and document this feedback.

We make our own video/advert based on our findings.

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What’s in my food?!


Space Embrace Community Interest Company ran a series of workshops with families and children at Orchard Primary School, Hackney, London with Cordwainers Grow. 

Children and their families are worried and confused about what is in their food. 

They made this short film to tell you about it. 

Thanks to support from Wellcome Trust and Arsenal Foundation. Special thanks also to Jen Pearcey-Edwards at Corvus Pictures. 

For more information, or if your school wants to make a film and if you are worried about what is in your food please contact