‘5 to thrive’ theory of well-being

We have created workshops that teach the 5 to thrive theory of well-being through a range of arts activities interpreting each of the 5 ways to well-being into creative outdoor workshops. Participants enjoyed team building, learning new skills, growing in confidence and working together as a family. Soft outcomes from the workshops were that families developed resilience, independent and creative thinking and appreciating and valuing spending time outdoors. This is a very successful approach to teaching the theory in a different environment and successfully introducing small steps to help make positive change to mental health.


We encouraged and empowered families to get to know one another through collaborative games including chatterboxes and consequences making our young people experts. We supported families to use questions and conversations starters to help the community get to know each other.

5 Ways to Thrive4.jpg

Be Active

We had fitness warm up - including  jumping jacks, lunges, stretches, running on the spot, our aim was to be energised, warm up fingers and toes. Through the use of team games we can see fitness as fun.

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Keep Learning

Make paint brushes by transform objects into new uses, eg make brushes from twigs, feathers, netting, nylon rope, fabric, washing up sponges, brillo pads, crisp packets, transforming objects and giving them new meaning and use. Then using dyes from plants and inks make a Jackson Pollock picture using using our new brushes and encourage team building to create one final collaborative piece.

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We taught how to make an 8 page book from one single piece of A4 by folding and ripping We then created a pictorial autobiography with the intention of giving to someone else such as a family member or friend we don’t often get to see to remind them of us.

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Take Notice

We encourage families to be curious and notice the changing seasons and be aware of the world around us. We painted objects from nature on a large scale and displayed the paintings in our ‘Take Notice’ zone at the #StreetLifeOctober festival.